Bester’s Caviar is produced by the most experienced aqua-farm in Ukraine, sustainably harvesting and importing idyllic malossol caviar. The sturgeon indulge in the best life conditions- living in the crystal clear Dnipro river’s water, consuming organic Danish fodder, and our traditional method of harvesting ensures the highest caviar quality. The “Bester” branded caviar is considered one of the best quality in the world due to its clean buttery and nutty taste, medium to large grains and its perfect smooth texture. This allows the caviar to melt in your mouth spreading nutty and creamy overtones with sweet hint of sea. As each tin contains only eggs from a single fish this is another reason why our caviar has an unforgettable taste and is of the highest quality. The roe eggs are produced from 12 year old mature sturgeon with no hormone additives or antibiotics that ensures the tastiest caviar full of nutritional value.

Bester Caviar House was founded in 2011 in Ukraine. Bester is an agriculture company that harvests highest quality osetra caviar in aquafarm conditions in Ukraine. The company has become one of the largest producers in Ukraine, its’ aquaculture ponds are spread over 11,500 square feet. Bester uses an 'open method' meaning our fish are free to swim in the open waters of the Dnipro River and are raised in an all natural controlled environment. The main goal of our company is to produce high quality osetra caviar at a competitive price. We have developed distribution chains in Europe and USA and are constantly expanding all over the World. Our traditional method that have been used for centuries allows us to keep caviar fresh and tasty with its’ high nutritional properties. Bester produces only the highest quality caviar that is 100% organic.



Bester Caviar has an office in Miami, USA. We supply private clients, restaurants, gourmet stores, event agencies, local distributors with our product and have built a loyal customer base that value our quality, prices and prompt delivery.

Our business in the US is constantly growing and expanding. We carry all required paperwork to import caviar to USA and EU. We carry CITES, FDA, Fish and Wildlife approval, HACCP plan and more.

Inna Polutska is a CEO of Bester USA head quarters, feel free to contact her with any questions.

Bester Caviar is a family owned business that believes in producing only the highest quality black caviar and offers the lowest wholesale prices directly to consumers.

Eat All Organic Farm To Table Caviar At The Best Price!


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