Brand Story

Ukrainian female entrepreneur decided to import black caviar from her homeland to the United States after seeing  high prices on black caviar with average quality in America. "All my childhood i was eating black and red caviar of the highest quality and it was affordable back then in my country. I wondered why not create something similar in the US..."

When first caviar shipment had arrived from Ukraine, we sold that batch in 1 month with no contacts or marketing.

People were impressed with unique flavor and excellent price point. After many years of hard work we've built loyal customer base and now #1 selling brand on the largest selling platform in the World- Amazon.

 Bester Caviar imports sturgeon roe from the most experienced aqua-farms in Israel, France and Italy & Ukraine.

The sturgeon indulge in the best life conditions- living in the crystal clear water, consuming organic fodder, and our traditional method of harvesting ensures the highest caviar quality.

Bester Caviar is considered one of the best quality in the world due to its clean buttery and nutty taste, medium to large grains and its perfect smooth texture. This allows the caviar to pop in your mouth spreading nutty and creamy overtones with hint of the ocean.

 The roe eggs are produced from 10-12 year old mature sturgeon with no hormone additives or antibiotics that ensures the tastiest caviar full of nutritional value. Bester Caviar doesn't use preservatives and imports fresh (never frozen) caviar on a monthly basis.

The main goal of our company is to provide high quality sturgeon caviar at lower price so more people can enjoy the luxurious delicacy, which isn't only delicious, but so good for your health.   

Bester Caviar is located Miami. 

We supply top restaurants, gourmet stores, local distributors  and direct consumers with black caviar and have built a loyal customer base.

Bester Caviar carries all required paperwork to import caviar to the US such as CITES, FDA, Fish and Wildlife, HACCP and more.

Inna Polutska, Ukrainian female entrepreneur is a CEO of Bester Caviar, feel free to contact her with any questions.

Bester Caviar is a family owned business that sends funds from sales to support Ukraine with Russian war.

  Indulge into Luxurious Taste With Bester Caviar!


Our Address:
1000 Brickell Plaza, unit 2812, Miami, FL, 33131

Phone:  +18135109892