Caviar Club

The Caviar Club’s goal is to make caviar more available while offering uncompromised high quality and great service to its members. The Caviar Club is created for caviar lovers who would like to enjoy caviar monthly without overpaying for it. As a member of the club you receive best wholesale prices on premium quality black caviar and other perks such as free gifts for the finest caviar experience.
Also you can purchase caviar from our farm in Ukraine for resell! Turn it into your own business and enjoy the lowest prices on premium black caviar from Ukraine.

We provide to our wholesale customers:

• Free shipping in the US with Fedex overnight delivery.
• Caviar Gift set: blini, creme fraiche, mother of pearl spoons, cooler.
• Free training on our product for you to become a caviar expert.
• Guidance to sell product online through variety of online platforms and in person meetings with local stores and restaurants so you can turn it into your own business.
• We provide private labeling assistance and help you to develop your own label followed by FDA regulation.

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