About Us


Bester Caviar is owned by a young woman entrepreneur - Inna Polutska. She immigrated from Ukraine 7 years ago and now offers traditional sturgeon caviar to the American market, just like she used to have in her childhood.

Back then caviar in her country was more affordable, so it was widely used not only for great taste but for health benefits as well.

Now Bester’s founder is sourcing and bringing the same traditional and very delicious black caviar at a lower cost, so everyone can share this luxury.

She is the voice of the company and she always talks to all her customers to keep the caviar community bond strong. Bester Caviar now has a loyal customer base of caviar lovers in the USA.

Bester Caviar sells to many of the best restaurants in Miami such as: Casa Tua Cucina, Casa Tua Restaurant, Villa Azur, Marion Miami, W South Beach, Zuma, Alloy Bistro Gourmet, 1 Hotel South Beach, Cantina La Veinte etc.

Inna started her caviar company by working hard, she was knocking on the doors of stores & restaurants and offering irresistibly delicious caviar at lower market price. People started talking about the Ukrainian girl that brings delicious caviar at prices impossible to find and started sharing her contacts with their family & friends.

Bester Caviar's ideology is to always be approachable to their customers and treat them as a family.

Bester Caviar has also become a top seller on Amazon. We ship hundreds of packages all over the USA and we developed a proven packaging system that allows caviar to arrive cold.


Currently Bester Caviar supplies caviar from the most experienced farm in Israel - Karat Caviar. Decades ago fish was brought from Caspian Sea and raised in crystal clear water that is coming from the Jordan River. Taste and pearl sizes of their caviar is one of the best in the world due to decades of experience, pure water that sturgeon live in, and best organic fodder that sturgeon are fed.

Also Bester Caviar imports sturgeon roe from the most advanced & innovative farm in Madagascar - Rova Caviar.

 Sturgeon is raised in a pure virgin nature in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

Such caviar is a pure eco-friendly product full of vitamins, micro elements, doesn’t contain preservatives, and is non-pasteurized.

Bester Caviar holds all required documents to import and distribute sturgeon caviar in the USA such as CITES, U.S. Fish and Wildlife permit, FDA permit, and HACCP certification.

Eat All Organic Farm To Table Caviar At The Best Price!