The Gold Standard of Russian Osetra Caviar

For years, Osetra caviar has been known as one of the most splendid delicacies available to humankind. Alongside other types of Russian sturgeon caviar (Sevruga and Beluga), Osetra caviar excites connoisseurs of fine food all over the globe.

Osetra caviar is produced by Ossetra sturgeon that originally comes from the Caspian Sea. Nowadays, the majority of the caviar-producing Ossetra population is grown within special farms to ensure the stability of cultivation and the high quality of the product. Our sturgeon caviar is gathered on top-notch eco-friendly farms, where the sturgeon lives peacefully in a pure environment.

The Osetra caviar has a subtle creamy taste described as walnut-like with a touch of the sea it comes from. However, the flavor may vary, as well as the size and color of the fish eggs, because the characteristics of caviar depend heavily on the fish feeding environment.

The color of the osetra caviar goes from deep brown to gold. Lighter eggs come from older fish and have a higher price, as they reach a flavor appreciated by gourmets.

To keep its superior taste properties, osetra caviar should be stored in the refrigerator at a temperature of 26-32 degrees. With Bester Caviar, you should not worry about the production quality, as we create the best condition for its storage and transportation.

Our Russian osetra caviar brand offers

Russian Osetra Black (Caspian Sea)

Black-colored caviar from the Caspian Sea has a fantastic flavor and a soft texture. It is dark greenish-black in color and has a firm texture. When lightly pressed, it leaves an indentation on the surface of the black pearls.


Russian Osetra Amber (Caspian Sea)

Amber-colored sturgeon caviar rich in natural color and soft texture. The eggs are known for their distinctive flavor and light salinity, making them popular among caviar lovers.


Siberian Osetra Caviar (Caspian Sea)

This caviar is similar to the Russian Caspian Sea's Osetra Karat Black but less expensive than the latter. Hence it does not command as high a price as its cousin from the Caspian Sea. This variety of black caviar comes from the Siberian sturgeon fishes, which are native to Central Asia.


Trio Sampler (Free Shipping Nationwide)

You can also enjoy a mix of this luxurious delicacy on a trio sampler. It includes a set of 3 caviars, Russian mini blinis, and mother of pearl spoons.


Why Choose Bester Caviar?

Bester Caviar has a distinctive taste and texture, which does not compare with anything else on the market. It's an excellent choice for those seeking high-quality caviar without paying an exorbitant price point. The unique flavor can't be replicated, and it's considered a delicacy by people worldwide.

Our Osetra Caviar is harvested in the traditional method by cutting fish, raw eggs only, non pasteurized. The eggs are black, firm, and smooth. Quality and freshness are first class, as always in our traditional caviar products.

Bestar Caviar is a Miami Caviar brand that offers Russian osetra caviar farmed in the deepest, purest waters of the Caspian sea. The natural habitat provides ample room for the sturgeon to swim without harming their delicate bodies or disturbing their growth cycle with cages or other types of confinements found on other farms.

The Best Ways to Enjoy Black Russian Caviar

To get the most satisfying experience with black sturgeon caviar, we suggest considering some simple rules and combinations that will not hide the delicacy's flavor but emphasize it. By tradition, gourmands taste caviar with eggs, oysters and other seafood. At the same time, it is a great addition to starters and side dishes for carpaccio or steak tartare. If you would like something lighter, caviar will go great with vegetables like eggplants and avocado, as well as simple solutions like buttered bread and boiled potatoes.
We can not forget about the classical combination of caviar with blinis (small pancakes from Russian cuisine) served with sour cream.
Check our caviar gift sets to try classical food pairings and find the one you will fall in love with.
Remember that caviar tastes the best when it is fresh, so always acquire it from trusted sellers only a few days before serving it.

Price of Osetra Caviar

Ossetra malossol caviar is the second most luxurious type of caviar after the Beluga one. However, osetra is more affordable, and it will definitely leave an exceptional impression on you, and the people you will want to share such an experience with.
The price of osetra caviar varies, as it is determined by the maturity of the fish, the quality of the eggs, and the quality of the cultivation process. Bester Caviar offers an optimal price for premium quality osetra caviar. We also have a special offer for caviar lovers: with our caviar subscription, you can obtain caviar at wholesale price and enjoy your favorite delicacy monthly without worrying about overpaying.