10 facts you didn’t know about caviar


1.Caviar is the oldest delicacy on the Planet

Sturgeon is one of the oldest species in the World, it has lived on Earth for 200 million years at the time when dinosaurs were alive on the planet and has been producing the most precious delicacy of entire history, caviar. Sturgeon life span can reach up to 100 years. Sturgeon reaches its maturity  to produce eggs roe at the age of 10-18 years old. That’s why caviar is so expensive.


2.Who started caviar trend? 

Ancient Greeks, Romans and Russian royalties were all known to love caviar.


3.What colors real caviar should be?

 From light to dark gray and yellow-gray to brown-black. Red 'caviar' doesn't come from sturgeon, it is actually salmon roe and not considered to be true caviar. Only roe eggs from Beluga sturgeon (beluga), Russian sturgeon (osetra) and Stellate sturgeon (sevruga) can be proudly called “Caviar”.


4.Did  you know July 18th is National Caviar Day?

Let’s get some caviar, bliny and champagne to celebrate!


5.Did you know Chinese caviar makes up 60% of the USA market? 

The top exporters of Caviar into the US are China ($9 MM), Germany ($2 MM), Israel ($1.8 MM), and Japan ($1.1 MM).

6.What’s the difference between fresh vs pasteurized caviar?

Fresh caviar is called “malossol” (coming from Russian word ’lightly salted'), and has the finest taste. It is superior in quality but comes with a shorter shelf life. By pasteurizing the roe , shelf life of caviar may be extended, but it results in the caviar losing complexity, flavor and nutritional values.


7.Caviar wasn’t always considered a delicacy.

Caviar was once reserved strictly for royalties. Yet surprisingly enough, in America during the early nineteenth century there was an overpopulation of sturgeon. Caviar was routinely served during free lunches in barber shops and bars. The salty flavor encouraged thirst and increased sales, bar owners have mentioned.


8.Caviar is like Prozac
In ancient times caviar was prescribed to reduce depression. Recent studies has shown that high doses of omega-3 fatty acids  (caviar is rich in omega-3s) may relieve symptoms of depression and bipolar disorder.

Eat caviar and your life will become happier!


9.The most expensive caviar (and food) in the World is from a 100-year-old Albino Beluga
Almas caviar has a bright golden color and considered to be the most expensive and rare caviar on Earth. Almas caviar comes from the eggs of 60 to 100-year-old Iranian beluga sturgeon and cost roughly $35,000 per kilo at London auction. Albino Beluga is born only in 1% cases due to inherited disorders characterized by little or no melanin production. It’s almost impossible to reproduce albino beluga even if both parents have albino genes. Albinism is a mutation that occurs in humans as well.


10.Caviar is like a wine 

It varies in price due to many factors such as method of harvesting : traditional method will be always more expensive than milking because it allows to keep better, fresher taste and avoids hormone additives and pasteurization. Country of origin, fish fodder and water sturgeon lives in impacts quality and price of caviar significantly!

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