Black Caviar Price - Why Caviar is so expensive?

High Prices on black caviar in many ways is related to prohibition of wild hunting of sturgeon species due to its endangerment.

Only aqua farms that are breeding sturgeons to help regrowing its population can legally supply black caviar to the market.

 True black caviar cannot be cheap for few reasons: 

Reason #1: Only in few years after hourly feeding of small fish, sturgeon forms its gender. Since only female sturgeon will produce caviar, fishermen have to raise and feed male and female fish for a few years before they find out it’s gender.

Then male sturgeon will be sold to a local market for fish meat while female sturgeons will live a beautiful and sophisticated life for next 6-10 years until they reach maturity and are ready to produce caviar.

Statistically only 40% of sturgeon fish survives and reaches harvest time due to fragile nature of sturgeon.

Organic fodder that is needed for sturgeon on a daily basis is the biggest expense of fishermen.

Reason #2: Endangerment of sturgeon species in the Caspian and Azov Sea has caused a price increase.

Black caviar is a product produced from sturgeon fish- the most rare and expensive being Beluga , the second is Osetra and least expensive but still costly  is Sevruga.

Often Bowfin caviar is advertised as black caviar but in fact it doesn’t belong to the sturgeon family although its roe has black color.

Black caviar wasn’t considered a delicacy or a rare product, neither was it expensive a century ago. Black caviar was a regular food for simple people. Only in 19th century fishermen started using salt to prepare caviar, before caviar was served as a regular food for fishermen and hunters in a fried, boiled and even dried way.

Indeed sturgeon population has been significantly decreased in last couple of decades. So why did sturgeons became endangered?

  1. Overall ecological deterioration in seas has caused a decrease of numbers of this ancient species.
  2. The building of barrages and hydroelectric power stations has deprived access to sturgeon species and it’s natural spawning
  3. Wild poaching , killing fish just for it’s expensive roe has decreased repopulation of the species.

In the last 10 years Caspian countries are trying to save sturgeon species by prohibiting illegal trade of wild sturgeon in the world, which has caused an even higher demand and price point on an abandoned species.

Another reason why caviar became so expensive is import tax, which varies from 15-40% that is significantly increasing caviar’s cost.

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