Caviar Wholesale : How to save up on black caviar shopping

wholesale caviar for parties


Caviar gets expensive when it comes to retail prices. Most brands can sell 1oz of Osetra Caviar at 120$ price range.  

You will say, “best things come in small packages’’ I’d reply, “the most expensive things come in a small box.’’ 


Why wholesale caviar saves you money? 

You can always cut down the price significantly if you are buying products wholesale. The same happens with caviar wholesale.

In the caviar industry, wholesale caviar prices usually start at 5kg + and are available for business only. That's why low prices on good caviar are almost impossible to get for direct consumers.

People ended up spending tons of money on a minimal quantity of caviar. That's why most of us can afford to eat caviar only once a year or less. 

Big brand names can retail caviar with 5-10x time profit margins simply because their name is known and built their loyal customer base. 

If you are into caviar but don’t want to spoil your budget, caviar wholesale is your best option! 

Wholesale prices are usually 50% lower than retail.  Bester Caviar is the only company that offers black caviar wholesale prices on caviar directly to consumers starting at 500g orders.

Bester USA offers the most competitive wholesale prices starting at 0.5kg of caviar.

The reason why prices on caviar are much lower is that you are buying directly from the producer of caviar, not a middle man.

wholesale caviar



Eat farm-to-table, all organic caviar at 50% less than a market price. 

We provide free overnight delivery with 100% organic roe eggs of Russian Osetra, Sterlet, at wholesale prices.

You can’t get a better black caviar wholesale deal. Bester Caviar allows you to save money, and you get free delivery and additionally a caviar gift set! 

With Bester Caviar, now Beluga caviar became more affordable, so all your family can enjoy fresh, delicious black caviar full of vitamins and microelements! 

Boost your immune system, defend your body from viruses with delightful premien caviar.

Don’t settle for less. Eat the best caviar! Visit Bester Caviar Store and contact us for our wholesale caviar prices!

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