Caviar with Champagne: Taste the Perfect Pairing

Delicacy connoisseurs pay extra attention to finding the most fitting food combinations. Very often, the right pairing can not only help to enhance the taste of a particular product but open up something new and unexpected in the flavor characteristics.

Caviar, being one of the most expensive delicacies in the world, is considered of high value by itself. However, with the passage of time, chefs and gourmands have tried tasting caviar with other foods and come up with the combinations we know as traditional nowadays. Among the most famous pairings, you will find pancakes, roasted potatoes, buttered bread, etc.

One of the most exquisite combinations would be caviar with champagne, an extraordinary dish with an extraordinary beverage. So, what makes it so marvelous? Check our article to learn all the subtleties of caviar and champagne together. And get ready to visit our caviar store and wine shop.

Champagne and Caviar: Why They're So Flawless

caviar and champagne

These two items have one important feature in common: to be considered a real deal, they should match certain criteria. As true caviar can be obtained only from the sturgeons, only sparkling wine produced in the French region of Champagne can be recognized as champagne.

As you can see, it was destined for such a pair to become quite popular among the upper class and claim its image as an indulgent, and even pretentious match. And though nowadays it might look too old-fashioned or too traditional, it is still on the top, especially thanks to the efforts of modern food connoisseurs who are working hard to make these luxury products more affordable and appropriate for everyday life.

The key behind caviar pairing with champagne is, of course, the thrilling contrast of products’ flavoring qualities. Crisp, acidic champagne followed by an oily, salty aftertaste of caviar brings a tantalizing flavor burst. While other beverages might outshine caviar, champagne saves the perfect balance between preserving the untempered taste of the roe and adding an interesting sensation due to its sparkling nature.

Sommeliers all over the world suggest choosing dry styles of champagne to complement delicacy, as excessive sweetness won’t go well with caviar

Find Your Best Pairing

What is the best champagne with caviar? The selection of classical dry champagne is wide, so your options are pretty much various. As with caviar, there are wines available in different price ranges, but each of them has enough interesting and appropriate positions to offer.

We have gathered six types of top-grade champagne that would be a great supplement to the caviar of your choice.

Dom Perignon

One of the most famous vintage brands of champagne is recommended by most sommeliers to be paired with osetra or beluga caviar. Its full-bodied nature would perfectly highlight the subtleties of caviar flavor. Dom Perignon is a vivid embodiment of class and tradition, which would be a perfect match to be served with caviar for a special, significant evening.

Louis Roederer Cristal

This wine, firstly created to impress the emperor of Russia Alexander II, has a more than 150-year history and still stays popular among connoisseurs. The fruit and citrus notes this champagne has will create another exquisite, but contrasting taste appreciated so much. 

Krug Grande Cuvée

Being the greatest example of wines produced by the House of Krug, their Grande Cuvée is a blend of more than a hundred vintages of three grape varieties. It would be a great addition to balance caviar's natural saltiness with a rich bouquet of fruits.

Jacquart Blanc de Blancs

One more great example of dry, fizzy, and full-bodied champagne, created in another magnificent windward of Reims. The wine lovers emphasize its pear and brioche notes, followed by gingerbread in the finish. This makes it an interesting, but still a classical option to go with caviar.

Taittinger Comtes de Champagne Blanc de Blancs

Tattinger's champagnes are one of the most common choices when choosing what to drink with caviar. Another high-class brand with a vivid history coming from French, Comtes de Champagne Blanc will add crisp and acidic taste with the notes of dry fruits, which would be a very appropriate combination for an excellent experience of caviar tasting. 

Ployez-Jacquemart Rosé Champagne

This champagne belongs to a slightly more moderate price category than other options on our list, however, it does not make it less suitable to be paired with sturgeon roes. High acidity, sufficient dryness, aftertaste of berries and fruits will definitely leave a great impression on you and your guests.

How to Eat Caviar with Champagne: the Proper Method

Serving caviar with champagne will be a classy move for the dinner, party, or other gatherings you are throwing. However, to serve this combination in the right way, you need to follow a few rules connoisseurs have established a long time ago to make the experience of caviar tasting uncompromised and proper.

We have briefly mentioned the first rule: when choosing such a pairing with caviar, give your preference to a dry campaign. Sweet types of this beverage would hide the true flavor of the product, while the dry ones would only emphasize the salty, marine notes of roes.

And what about other dishes? Should caviar be a stand-alone treat on your table or would it be better to combine it with other foods? The truth is that you can do it either way: traditionally, the caviar is eaten with pancakes and sour cream, or other neutral products like boiled eggs that won’t get in the way of roes’ taste. At the same time, caviar can be a garnish for more substantial dishes like pasta.

However, if you want to keep it minimalistic, but elegant, you can focus solely on champagne and caviar and their wonderful blending. Just serve fish eggs together with unsalted crackers, so it would be convenient to consume and let yourself and your guest enjoy the purity of tastes.

Or you can go even further and serve caviar totally alone, as the strict and old-fashioned gourmets would suggest, considering it the only true way to consume caviar. Nothing would distract from feeling the fresh flavor of roes, and champagne will play the role of “cleanser” which would remove any other tastes from the palate.

If you decided to serve caviar as a stand-alone delicacy instead of adding it to other dishes, how much should you allocate for a person? We would suggest that the best amount would be an ounce per person. Although,  it would be also acceptable to serve half an ounce per guest for everyone to try this luxurious treat.

Another important part of serving is the temperature. Caviar should be stored under the temperature of 28-32 °F, it is also suggested to serve caviar together with ice to keep it cold even on the table. Warm will spoil the caviar quality, hence, it is extremely important to do everything to minimize the impact of heat. At the same time, champagne, the best drink with caviar, is also served cooled to save the necessary amount of essential bubbles.

You probably heard that caviar should be fresh to match the ideal. Hence, it makes sense not to store caviar in advance but obtain it from reliable suppliers (those that store and transport it in accordance with standards) only a few days before the occasion. If you have an opened jar of caviar left, you need to finish it within three days, otherwise, the product will get spoiled.

And of course, you need to carefully pick the tableware. It is suggested not to use metal or wooden spoons, as these materials will disrupt the taste. The same goes for any other dinnerware: the delicacy should only contact surfaces made of materials that won’t affect the flavor, like porcelain, glass, or classical mother-of-pearl.

Bester Caviar, Your Trusted Supplier

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While still being an elite treat, caviar is no more a product available only to limited groups of people. You can try the delicacy for special occasions or make the tasting a habit. Besides its luxury status, caviar is a product rich in micronutrients valuable for our well-being. So, why not kill two birds with one stone and enjoy the rich and intriguing flavor of caviar while benefiting from its impact on the skin, immune system, blood pressure, etc.?

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