What Kind of Fish Eggs are Used for Caviar

caviar with fish roe

Caviar is a delicacy that has gained massive popularity in the last few years. In the world of food, it’s regarded as one of the most exquisite types of food for people who enjoy eating fish roe

If you're new to the caviar party, you probably want to know: What is roe fish? What are the types of roe out there? And what kind of fish do they come from? 

In this post, foodie experts at Bester Caviar will tell you all you need to know on this subject. Read on to find out!

What are the types of roes?

Before delving into their types, it's important to know what they are.

In simple terms, roes refer to fully ripe eggs of aquatic animals that are yet to be fertilized. 

And what's caviar?

Caviar is produced from fish roes, but you cannot make caviar from just any fish eggs. Caviar comes from eggs of specific fish like sturgeon. 

What’s in caviar? Caviar, particularly black caviar, like the one from Bester Caviar, is considered an exotic dish not only just for its rarity and expensiveness but also because it is more richly flavored and textured. 

To make black caviar, the roe must be harvested at the right moment and then cured in a salt solution until it acquires a deep black or amber hue. This curing process can take several weeks as the roe needs to be left to mature to achieve its full flavor potential. The curing process produces caviar with a richer texture and greater density than non-cured roes. Here are the main types of caviar you should know about.


Beluga is the most expensive roe and it comes from the Caspian Sea. It is grey-colored and has a rich, buttery flavor and large beads. To buy Beluga in the US, you’ll need to shell out about $800/oz. Beluga import is currently banned in the U.S, and only one company is allowed to raise Beluga species in Florida and sell its roe. However, you can buy the Royal Beluga hybrid if you’re looking for the closest grade to Beluga in the U.S at a much lower cost.


Osetra roe has a similar flavor profile to Beluga but it's darker in color because it's from a different species of sturgeon than Beluga. Osetra is a type of sturgeon that can still be quite expensive when compared to other types of roe. 

This type of roe is found on the Black Sea coast of Russia, Ukraine, and Greece. It has a rich nutty flavor and is known for its famous pop. Premium suppliers like Bester Caviar offer exquisite varieties of Osetra caviar.


Sevruga has been harvested from the Amur River in Russia since ancient times. The sevruga fish has a pinkish color due to its high level of lipids.

The fish roe of Sevruga has  earthy and briny flavor and smaller beads. It's often served as an appetizer or snack, especially in the Mediterranean diet.

 fish roe of Sevruga

If you’re looking for the best caviar which fish is sturgeon, then you should try it at a restaurant where you know they serve great caviar dishes. If you prefer to have a romantic dinner at home then look for a trusted supplier to buy caviar.

What's the difference between caviar and roe?

Caviar is the salt-cured roe of a sturgeon fish. It's very expensive and is usually served as an appetizer or a meal supplement. Fish roe, on the other hand, refers to ordinary eggs of any kind of fish.

The term roe may also refer to a meal made from other seafood such as shrimps or(both are synonyms}. Preparation of this delicacy is by boiling them in water until they become tender. 

Wondering what sea does caviar come from? As established earlier, the sturgeon fish makes its home predominantly in the  Caspian Sea but also lives in the Black Sea and some areas in Europe and Asia. 

Nowadays all caviar is farm-raised, and wild caviar is illegal for trade…

Conclusion: Savor the treat of the finest eggs of sturgeon fish

 finest eggs of sturgeon fish

If you're a fan of caviar (aren’t we all?), then you're probably pretty familiar with the term sturgeon. What you might not know is that sometimes more than just one fish egg type is used for caviar. Sturgeon family counts 27 species like Beluga, Osetra, Kaluga, Sevruga, Sterlet and more. Only sturgeon species produce caviar, other fish types produce roe. From sturgeon to salmon and even trout, the taste can vary greatly depending upon which fish egg you prefer.

If you want a recommendation on the best caviar, we’d say go for sturgeon caviar. Once you get to taste caviar from Osetra and Beluga eggs, you’ll not want to go back to the lower grades of caviar. One way to be sure you're getting the finest caviar is to shop at a certified online store like Bester Caviar.


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