5 Reasons Why People buy black caviar?

1. First and most important reason why people buy black caviar is because caviar was always an exclusive, rare and luxurious item that only elite and high society can afford.

Black caviar and champagne became a synonym of rich and famous life. Whether it's a formal event, gala, wedding or business dinner black caviar will be the star of the show and won't leave guests indifferent .

2. Second reason why people are buying caviar is its unique taste and delicate texture.

"Caviar is consumed by a mouth, not by a stomach" Firm pearls burst in your mouth by spreading heavenly rich nutty and creamy flavor. High quality black caviar can open up a wide variety of flavor and texture that will take you to the cloud 9. There is no better appetizer to impress your guests than black caviar.

3. Third reason is the high nutritional value and health benefits black caviar provides.

Black caviar is a well-known super food rich in Omega 3 that gives you energy and quickly recovers you from hangovers. Try having one spoon of black caviar before a party and you won't feel a headache the next day.

1oz caviar serving has more than double the dose of vitamin B12 that is essential for functioning your nervous system and for preventing depression, as well as producing DNA and red blood cells. Eat caviar every day and you will have a happy, healthy and a long life!

4. 4th Reason. Caviar prevents signs of aging. Large skincare corporations are implementing caviar extract in its creams' formula that provides anti-aging benefits.

Studies have shown people who consume caviar on a regular basis live 7-10 years longer and look younger. That's because caviar is very high in Zinc, Magnesium, Iron, and Calcium that prevents skin from sagging.

5. Reason number 5 is sturgeon farming made caviar more affordable and more casual than it was in 20th century. Big variety of caviar at more affordable prices has caused higher consumption of sturgeon roe. People buy caviar for weekend parties with friends, cook pasta with caviar at home for romantic dinner for two or bring caviar as a gift to a birthday party. 

Restaurants and bars started offering caviar bumps (black caviar consumed from the top of the hand) that made caviar consumption more common.

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