Caviar Shelf Life - How Long Can Caviar Last?

Caviar has been for a long time one of the best gourmet foods people can enjoy during dinner parties, social events, or holidays. 

Because of its popularity and affordable prices, people can buy caviar online in our store to prepare delicious foods for special occasions.

You can find it in many restaurants and caviar stores. If you want to get some caviar to prepare delicious dishes at home, you first learn about caviar shelf life.

You may already know how to prepare it, where to buy it, and more, but do you know how to make it last longer?

This is What You Need to Know About the Caviar Shelf Life

Caviar is known as a delicious delicacy food made of salt-cured sturgeon roe.

But beyond being a fantastic food in both flavor and texture, caviar needs to be correctly stored to maximize its shelf life. As caviar results from processed roe, it’s very delicate, and to make it longer, to not let it become a waste.

We can say the average caviar shelf life is between a couple of weeks to a couple of months, depending on how well it is stored when you buy it and how you plan to preserve it after you open it.

How to Improve the Caviar Shelf Life?

People who buy caviar need to learn how to keep it fresh in their house to conserve its unique and delicious flavor. However, the caviar tends to go bad if you leave it outside for too long without any protection and under high temperatures.

That’s why you need to understand how to improve the caviar shelf life after it is open, keep it in the best condition possible, and use it as much as you can by following a few simple steps that will help you achieve this.

Many factors can help you preserve its quality after you buy it and allow you to enjoy it for many days. In this case, the most critical factors are storage, temperature, and packaging.

Black caviar


The ideal temperature to store fresh caviar is 28 to 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Most household refrigerators may not reach this temperature, but you can keep the caviar at the bottom of the back of the fridge where it is coldest.

This temperature will help you keep your caviar shelf in the best condition possible and enjoy it for many days without losing its original taste.

The temperature is critical when preserving your caviar quality and freshness, especially when you buy large quantities and want to keep its freshness and flavor for long periods.

That’s why if you want to achieve this and improve the caviar shelf life of your products. It would help if you kept the caviar in a low-temperature environment where it can stay excellent no matter the situation and allow you to preserve its flavor when you get it outside the fridge.


Our advice is to store caviar on a flat surface. Caviar contains natural oil and needs to be evenly distributed to keep its shelf life. 

Doing this will help you maintain its quality and keep it from going bad after you start eating it. It would be best if you used proper containers to store caviar properly. A simple way to do it is by using Tupperware cases that keep the caviar sealed and evenly distributed. 

We advise not to keep caviar storage in the freezer for too long as it could freeze. If this happens, you need to slowly return it to its natural state, or the caviar will be ruined.


Always keep caviar in small containers. They usually con on a bit of tin. This package is made especially for storage caviar, so use a similar one or keep it in the same container.

Packaging your caviar shelf is very important and is the best way to preserve its quality for many days right after you open it. 

You need to use high-end vacuum seal packages that are 100% air-tight when you try to improve the caviar shelf life after opening and keep it in the best condition that you can. That way, you can continue eating good caviar for many days and enjoy its original flavor all of the time.

Extra tip

It is important not to let the caviar be exposed to the air for a long time. Natural oxidation may be beneficial, but caviar eggs will start to dry when exposed to air for too long.

Tin of black caviar

How to Preserve the Caviar Shelf Life After Open?

One of the most challenging things when buying caviar is preserving its flavor and quality after opening it for the first time. That’s why you need to maintain the quality of your caviar as much as you can to enjoy it with your family and friends.

Make your caviar reserves last longer with our storage tips. No food is a waste. And You can enjoy caviar until the last tiny pearls. When exposed too long, prepare food, have dinner parties, and use caviar to add that special and unique touch.

To achieve this, you need to store your caviar shelf properly within your freezer and make sure that it is not placed with a bunch of products altogether, that it is not out in the open with no type of protection, and that it has a proper space where it can stay cooled 24/7.

If you follow these simple steps, you will improve the caviar shelf life after opening and buying large amounts of caviar without worrying about it going stale or losing its quality over time. 

You need to remember to store your caviar shelf properly, use the right temperature to preserve its freshness, and keep it in a vacuum seal package for maximum safety.

If you want to learn more about caviar, you can visit our caviar blog and learn about caviar recipes, health benefits, and much more!


How long can caviar last out of the fridge?

Caviar should not be left out of the fridge for more than 2 hours to ensure its safety and quality.

How long does caviar last after opening?

Once opened, caviar should be consumed within 1-2 days for optimal flavor and quality.

Can caviar be frozen?

Yes, caviar can be frozen, but it is not recommended as freezing may alter its texture and flavor. Fresh consumption is preferred.

How long does caviar keep frozen?

If frozen properly, caviar can be kept for up to 4-6 months without significant loss of quality. However, it's advisable to consume it sooner for the best experience.

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