It’s Time To Forget These Myths About Black Caviar

Buttery, smooth, nutty with a light pop- these are a few words that describe the World’s most luxurious and exquisite delicacy. The salt-cured roe of the fish family Acipenseridae is often regarded as the most expensive delicacy for few reasons. It is sourced from different rare breeds of sturgeon, requires effort and time for curing, production, and packaging.

However, certain myths have surrounded this lavish cuisine that even the sturgeon roe lovers investing in caviar frequently may believe in. If you are planning to buy osetra caviar, there are a few myths that you must know before buying this extravagant food. In this article we will be sharing those myths to help you make a better choice. 

#Myth 1: Chewing is Necessary

It is a basic human nature to chew on any food that gets into your mouth. Especially if you are ordering caviar via online delivery for the first time, chances you are likely to do the same. Rather than putting your teeth into action, you need to savor and enjoy the taste of caviar. Use your tongue to swirl and feel the buttery, nutty flavor of the cured roe melting in your mouth. True black caviar isn’t chewy, it should melt in your mouth. Only pasteurized sturgeon caviar has chewy texture and isn’t considered a traditional caviar. Classical black caviar contains raw eggs only, not pasteurized , lightly salted (3% salt) should have a light pop but should never be chewy or stick to your teeth. Because chewy caviar kills the concept of luxurious caviar. True caviar is rich in vitamins and micro-elements unlike pasteurized caviar that has been processed with boiling water and such caviar doesn’t do any good to your immune system neither to your taste buds. Be careful when selecting black caviar and always choose raw eggs only, Malossol (from Russian-lightly salted).

#Myth 2: You Can Only Enjoy it with a Silver Spoon

The explanation involves a bit of science. As stated in the opening paragraph, caviar is a salt-cured roe of the sturgeon fish species. When consumed with a metal, the caviar tends to absorb the metallic flavor that further alters its taste and consistency. The salt curing makes caviar highly absorbent. Instead of using metallic spoon, choose Mother Of Pearl spoon, or a plastic or even wooden spoon to avoid metallic flavor. Bester Caviar provides complimentary mother of pearl spoon on every order & Free Overnight Shipping.


#Myth 3: Caviar Does’t Go Bad

The salt curing process of caviar can mislead people to think that it’s not perishable. Although salt does extend it’s shelf life, it doesn’t  prevent it from spoilage. Black caviar can last for months if left and stored in proper temperature (-3/+3C). Caviar with preservative can last up to a year, caviar with no preservative can last up to 4-6 months refrigerated. Some people like to freeze caviar to extend it’s shelf life. For example salmon roe can be frozen in a regular freezer and remain fresh up to 2 years, black caviar’s eggs are very fragile and after freezing may get mushier and change flavor and texture. You can freeze  black caviar only when it’s a necessity.

Caviar’s perfect temperature is -3C (23F) that allow caviar to extend it’s shelf life for months and months up to a year from production date. If you plan to store black caviar in a regular refrigerator 36-38F (+3/+4) don’t keep it longer than 8 weeks, because warmer temperature fastens the process of spoiling caviar.

Myth #4 Caviar should taste fishy & salty

Even though caviar is coming from fish eggs and cured with salt, it should not taste fishy or very salty. High quality black caviar has a smooth creamy, nutty flavor with pleasant aftertaste. Choose “Malossol” caviar (lightly salted) so you can enjoy true taste of caviar, not the salt. Centuries ago it was common to cure caviar with accessive amount of salt (8% or more) to extend caviar’s shelf life. Due to accessive saltiness it became common to add  different toppings such as minced green onions, chopped hard cooked eggs, sour cream, blinis.

Nowadays it became unnecessary to add so much salt because of better storage conditions such as a specially regulated freezers and preservatives that extend shelf life of caviar.

At you will find the best selection of Malossol Osetra Caviar that is completely organic and doesn’t contain any preservatives that has negative impact on human’s body. True high quality fresh caviar should not taste fishy or too salty. Roe eggs should never be chewy or have a very strong pop, because caviar harvested in traditional method melts in your mouth by spreading delightful rich creamy flavor with hint of sea.

Fresh caviar should never have strong smell or have a bitter taste, these are signs that caviar has been spoiled or not kept at right temperature.

Always choose official caviar companies with proper paperwork and good reviews & reputation.

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